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The Parimutuel Group has been in existence for six years. Parimutuel wagering has been around since the late 1800’s. Our system provides risk free options to the operator, and the best odds payouts to the bettor. Our system addresses concerns raised by gamers, who believe they are being manipulated and defrauded by unregulated foreign corporations, illegal bookies, and unethical offshore corporations.

Parimutuel Group provides parimutuel style wagering on a wide range of competitive tournaments, events, contests and activities, all of which have a long history of play, are regulated, and have a large number of entrants.

Parimutuel Group’s innovative wagering system can easily be adapted by existing state lotteries, thereby providing added revenues to local, state and federal governments. The system’s ground-breaking entertainment value will attract both foreign and domestic players.

Parimutuel Group’s technology allows players to place bets on top-ranked individuals entered worldwide in an event, tournament, activity or contest, such as: a poker tournament (e.g., The World Series of Poker), pocket billiard tournament, automotive race, golf tournament, tennis tournament, soccer tournament (e.g., The World Cup), motorcycle race, and many other competitive events.

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Harry B. Platis
Attorney at Law
Parimutuel LLC
16300 Mill Creek Road #105
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Cell: 206-999-6655
Email: hplatis@gmail.com

Christopher Holden
Director of Operations
Parimutuel LLC
16300 Mill Creek Road #105
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Cell: 760-409-3195
Email: cholden@parimutuelgaming.com

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